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 My company Love For Locks In Home Wig Service is not only a proud Professional reseller of VIVISCAL Professional, but I personally "use" it myself, and can testify that I would not be without this daily supplement.  I have dealt with Thyroid issues for many years, and have tried countless products for my thinning hair. With VIVISCAL professional supplements, I started noticing a difference in not only my hair, but my skin started to benefit as well.  I also noticed I had to trim my nails almost weekly to keep them the shorter length that I wear.  Users may see results in as little as three months, depending on each individual hair growth cycle. At the end of my third month I definitely started to notice little baby hairs growing in around my hairline.  You must be faithful with taking the recommended 2 tablets daily, I take one in the AM and the other with dinner. I now continue taking these daily and will never be without. 

VIVISCAL Professional "is not"sold with out a professional license, if you see VIVISCAL Professional sold on Amazon or by a reseller other than what you see described below,** it could possibly be a knock off of this product. I am happy to sell this product since I believe in it so much, and hope you will entrust me to make it available to you as well.

If you would like more information about this product please feel free to visit the VIVISCAL professional web site @ 

 If you would like to order with us please call or text
 Nancy @ (909) 717-9192  

Nancy; owner of Love For Locks In Home Wig Service


**NOTE:  VIVISCAL PROFESSIONAL is available ONLY at Doctor's offices, select Salons and Spa's.  To order with us please call or text  (909) 717-9192

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